Living in paradise 10 Years and counting! Starting as a teenager delivering boats to exotic Caribbean islands, I got the taste for travel and adventure. Then I settled down started businesses and traveled as personal security for the biggest Personal Success Coach and Best Selling Author as personal security the for about twelve years staying in some of the finest hotels on the planet.   What will your retirement be like? Are you afraid you will be living in a hovel and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches after your retirement? When you get those checks will there be more days of the month left after the money runs out? If you think the answer might be YES, then you have come to the right place. There are many opportunities to live in places where your money goes MUCH further. The challenge is weeding through fact and fiction as to how much things REALLY cost living in the best places to retire like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. So I started RetireCheap.Asia and am here to give the true facts about the costs of accommodations, transportation, medical, food and much much more in Southeast Asia. Now you can actually see the REAL costs with your own eyes! So come join me on your virtual retirement tour and see what your future could be like! Retirement Worries Retirement Worries? Living In Thailand - Paradise - Best Places to Live Living In Paradise Retirement the best places to retire "No matter how much you can spend ....remember, there's ALWAYS an option!" - JC Thailand Seaside Enjoyment Retirement Beaches “How to Get More Life for Less Money” Phone cosultation best places to retire Living In Paradise Living In Paradise Living In Paradise Living In Paradise Living In Paradise Living In Paradise Couple Sitting Enjoying the Best Places to Retire
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See real videos of: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam  Very nice houses and apartments you can live in for on a retirement budget! Delicious and healthy meals that cost less than $2.00. How much dental and medical costs will save you each year!  We will show you the comparison between the cost of retiring in the city, mountains and villages or beautiful beaches of Southeast Asia. You will see the what you can afford based on your true monthly income. You will be amazed how well you can live on your retirement budget in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam!
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How much can you afford to spend each month?  Try out our Retirement Budget Calculator. See how much you could save! Click on video for larger size viewing
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Thailand Visa Choices - Temporary Stay - Tourist Visa or Retirement Visa.
Living on a Budget - 200 Dollar House for Rent in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Chiang Mai  - What you get - $200 month Guesthouses, Hotels
Favorite Videos!! - Fitness Options in Chiang Mai – Part 1 -  JC’s Road Trip – Chiang Rai Part 1 - How to Open A Bank Account in Thailand - Medical Still Affordable in Thailand? - 2 Bedroom Home in Chiang Mai, for $200  - Small Furnished Studio Apartment $170 a Month - Getting Out of the City and Living in a Village -  Twenty Dollar a Night Hotel Oasis in Chiang Mai - Bangkok Airport Express Train - How to Eat Cheap at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport - To See All Our Videos Click Here MANY MORE VIDEOS AVAILABLE TO WATCH! Thailand - Laos - Cambodia - Vietnam Housing - Transportation - Food - Medical More interesting stuff! Thailand Visas - Temp, Tourist or Retirement? $200 house for rent in Chiang Mai, Thailand $220 Condo for rent Pattaya, Thailand Own a Home Free and Clear - Chiang Mai Chiang Mai -635 Sq. Ft Apartment for $275 Chiang Mai $200 month hotels, guest-houses. Why Live in Thailand? Some reasons for living in Thailand. Dos and Don'ts Every Thailand Traveler Should Know. Copyright 2016 RetireCheap.Asia - Privacy Policy - Retire in Comfort - Find the Best Places To Retire - Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Laos Information found on this site can be reproduced with permission. Retire on a budget in Southeast Asia. Take the worry out of moving abroad.
Chiang Mai -635 Sq. Ft Apt. Overlooking Mountains $275
Traveling to Thailand?  Dos and Don'ts Every Traveler Should Know.
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How to Trade a Mortgage For a Free and Clear Home
Pattaya - Condo for Rent for two hundred twenty-five Dollars
Thailand -- Why Would Anybody Live in Thailand?
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How to Open A Bank Account in Thailand
How to open a Thai Bank account
Opinions about Living in Thailand -- Q & A with JC
Chiang Mai -- Cost of Greens Fees -- Golf
Thai Girls University School Uniforms Voted Sexiest in the World
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